A comprehensive volume on sex addiction with an emphasis on traditional family values.

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“A must-read for every sex addict, their partner, and their family. Each page instills hope for those struggling with sex addiction, while not minimizing the pain involved in the process.”—David L. Delmonico, PhD, author of In the Shadows of the Net 

Compulsive sexual behavior, or sex addiction, results in countless negative consequences and hurts many people. Relationships, marriages, families, and careers are destroyed by sex addiction. 

But there is hope because sex addiction is treatable. Through hard work and a rigorous recovery program, it is possible for sex addicts to stop all of their destructive behavior and for relationships to be restored. Included are sections that address issues specific to the sex addict, some oriented for the partner of the addict, and others focused on the couple. The material presents the recovery process in detail, breaking it down into phases and guiding the reader through the process. 

Stop Sex Addiction is a guidebook that gives those whose lives have been affected by sex addiction a thorough understanding of this insidious form of addiction and a way forward in relationships and life. 

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